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Окт, 2005 – Окт, 2005 Engineer Physicist Spec: Non-proliferation and safety of nuclear materials - National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Опыт работы

Окт, 2005 – Окт, 2005 Game Producer - SoftServe

• ​Gamification Tool. I​mplementing data-driven developing methodology. Speeches at conferences with product presentation. Working with analytics for increasing business value of product.
• ​Cashback app. ​Market researching. Writing user stories. Prototyping. Managing timelines, priorities. Solving problems, arising due to development process. Marketing — making of advertising materials, adjustment of marketing campaigns.

Окт, 2005 – Окт, 2005 Producer - Game Insight

• ​Tribez at War. ​Development management, synchronization with HQ departments.
Searching product growth points. Product adaptation to the market.
• ​Moana. ​Establishing communication between Disney (San Francisco), the development studio (Riga) and HQ (Moscow). Control over development timing and quality. Working with analytical department, searching for solutions to increase the performance of the project.
• ​Survival Arena. ​Monitoring the quality of the product, searching for solutions to increase the performance of the project.
• ​Airport City. I​ntegrating analytics system SWRVE. Establishing communication between development team (Moscow) and SWRVE team (London).
• ​Tribez, Cloud Raiders, Paradise Island 2, My country 2020, Transport Empire, Guns of Boom, Sunshine Bay -​ transfer and adaptation of the most successful solutions between projects, control over the timing and quality.

Окт, 2005 – Окт, 2005 Producer / Project Manager / Analyst - Nexters

• ​Millionaire Adventures • ​Vikings Stomp
• ​Spin Hero
• ​Black Light
• ​Throne Rush
• I​sland Experiment • ​Lost Island
• ​Lost Chapters
• ​Slots — 2014
• ​Millionaire Adventures
• ​SlotoBOOM • ​Slotland
• ​Tiny Tribe
• ​Hellout

Окт, 2005 – Окт, 2005 Analyst - BDirect

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