Game Producer/ Project Manager

Удаленная работа

Professional skills:

  • Game design/Producer:
    • Research and analysis of the market and competitors.Search for new opportunities and directions;
    • Development of strategy of evolution casual projects (HOG, HOPA, Journey)
    • Creation and description of game modules, interface layouts; presentation of their team to develop a unified vision;
    • Analysis of game statistics.
    • Advanced knowledge of UX / UI.
    • Working with the UA team to promote products.
  • Project Management:
    • Development of game concepts and game documentation for mobile F2P games.
    • Distributing tasks amongst the teams, controlling due dates and monitoring work quality throughout every stage of the development process.
    • Experience with matrix and project structures.
    • Orchestration of efficient communication within and between various teams.
    • Maintenance of project documentation and creation of progress reports on regular basis.
    • Execution of financial plans.
  • QA:
    •   Strong knowledge of testing methodologies.  Creating test-designs, test-cases, checklists and other documentation for testing.
    • Experience in manual, functional, regressing, acceptance, ad hoc testing, UX and usability testing, requirements and documentation testing.
    • Black and grey box testing Quality control of the product for compliance with the requirements.
    • Test-planning for QA team, set task priorities and estimating.
    • Experience in audit QA processes.

Platforms: iOS, Android, MAC, Windows, Facebook.

Bug Tracking Systems: Jira, Mantis, Redmine.

Test management tools: TestRail, Trello, Planfix, Gantter, Active Collab, Basecamp

Control Version Systems: SVN, GitHub

English: Upper-Intermediate level.


Alternative skills:

Teamwork, positive, ability of self-education, stress-resistant, responsible and punctual.


Professional goal:

I want to become a skilled game designer and development team manager.  Strive for designing successful and fun games for all player categories in world, which are the best they can be. Also, my dream is to create the perfect virtual world for my children =)

Portfolio of published projects :

1) The Secret Society®

Link — http://www.g5e.com/games/the_secret_society_hidden_mystery_ios


2) The Paranormal Society®

Link — http://www.g5e.com/games/the_paranormal_society_hidden_adventure_ios



Сентябрь 2008 — Сентябрь 2012 Specialist of technical protection of information.Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics

Опыт работы

Июнь 2012 — Октябрь 2016 QA Engineer-> Middle QA Engineer-> Project QA LeadG5 Entertainment

Mobile testing. Testing project from First playаble up to submission, testing updates. Analysis of requirements.
Creating project documentation. Training QA team management

Октябрь 2016 — наст. вр. Game Producer/Project ManagerG5 Entertainment

Planning and organization of development of F2P hidden object games. Development of concepts for game features and supporting documentation for them.

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