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About me I am a former Project Manager in NGO field and now I’m eager to redirect my career in the domaine that truly inspires me — gamedev.

I have 4 years’ experience in offline project management in one of the biggest private foundations in Russia. The annual volume of my projects ~ 0.4 million euros; my duties included: project planning /outlining/ budgeting, coordination at all levels, contractor search, implementation and field monitoring, closing and documentation and following year planification and budgeting. Afters the Foundation’s closing down, my main project managed to immediately raise private funding and even started to grow again. Also know how to work with Adobe Premiere, recently studying UE4 basics via Udemy.com

Active gamer since late 90`s. I witnessed the development of the CIS videogame market — from the start and total piracy domination, through the rise of Steam and legal market shares, finally to the spike growth of f2p giants (World of tanks, Warthunder etc). I have a rich gaming experience and user expertise. In addition to gaming, nowadays I have developed a keen interest in the business aspects of gamedev. I`m interested in product dev. processes: from basic workflow stages to all aspects of decision making, designing the product in balance between creative ideas and profit orientation and balancing target audience expectations.

Able to assume responsibility under pressure and keep working within the team. Can retranscript executive director’s desire into a task that is easy to understand for an outsource designer. Not only excel in analysis, but also have a wide creativity, both in terms of solving tasks with limited resources and creating structurally new forms, ideas.�

By personal initiative, I wrote a vision for the Kings Of Men project (at that moment the project was at the development stage; the vision was received favorably by the studio founder. There was no continuation due to investor board/founder conflict).
Wrote an article for Internationalsquad.com about teams’ first time competitive experience
Was among the originators of one of the russian arma3 milsim games project — custom made scenarios produced by our team weekly for 100vs100 players. Later, the project absorbed arma3.ru portal.
Managed to secure some game mechanics changes in an ARMA3 based project. That helped to stop user leakage and played a vital role in project surviving
I took part in the Russian translation of official arma3 guide

Battlefield 2: ESL, MBL (team member responsible for coordination, 8ppl)
Squad: Internationalsquad.com (created guidelines for team training that helped to systematise match preparations, drastically save team time and resolve growing crisis. The team successfully got into premier-league. 24ppl)


Январь 2016 Game designNetology.ru
Январь 2011 Digital projects managementNetology.ru
наст. вр. Faculty of advertisementMosGU

Опыт работы

наст. вр. Projects managerThe Dmitry Zimin "Dynasty" Foundation

— planning and execution control of projects' budgets (~ $400 000 per year);
— research & selection of contractors (from accommodation to lab equipment suppliers);
— projects organization support (from all venue questions and preparations, liaison between the Foundation and state scientific Institutes and schools, to Moscow — Kamchatka equipment logistics);
— on-field coordination (coordinating staff work, contractors during Foundation events, solving all force majeure situations);
— managing the on-line selection process for SMTB project and coordinating all partipicians;
— document flow managing;
— managing Foundation souvenir and printing productions (from branded folders and banners to New Year's postcards and special presents).

— successfully manged and assisted in Foundation events all over Russia — from Karelia to Kamchatka;
— created conditions on SMTB project (http://molbioschool.com/) for students to conduct modern research projects later published in prestigious scientific journals with high impact factor (Nature etc.);
— optimized souvenir and printing product budget by 60%;
— In 2014/15 held successful projects in conditions of Russian financial crisis.

Also started integration of Wrike, Survey Monkey in work processes — unfortunately the Foundation was closed in October 2015.


Molecular and Theoretical Biology School (one of the main Foundation projects)

The school program is addressed for upper-grade school students and designed to integrate the participants into the research process at real laboratories. http://molbioschool.com/en/ Project involves more than 150-170 people per edition (70 students + 100 staff members). Organization process takes 9 months including the selection process, preparations, and the School itself (3 weeks) — budgeting (planning and execution); — all venue-related issues (accommodation, laboratories, classes etc, inc State organizations negotiations); — managing selection process for the school ( Survey Monkey polls, information diffusion, statistics accumulation and all related communication); — communication and preparations with all participants (visas, special permits, required equipment, students-parents communication etc.); — managing all contractors; — on-field control and unexpected problem solving; — entire document flow.

«Science Days» Popular Science Festivals
The goal of this project is to awaken interest in scientific knowledge, to involve young people from all over Russia in science. ( held in places like Yakutsk, Petrozavodsk etc.) — staff, guest-lecturers and equipment logistics; — on-field team coordinating; — coordinating with local state education authorities and schools; — special equipment procuring; — partial budget control.

Support Program for Gifted Students (Conference)
— venue selection, negotiations, arrangements control; — accommodation for participants; — supplies and logistics, staff control; — partial budget control; — document flow.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology (Summary conference)
— venue selection, negotiations, arrangements control; — accommodation for participants; — supplies and logistics, staff control; — partial budget control; — document flow.

Souvenir and printing products
Development and procurement (branded folders, t-shirts, pens, bags, umbrellas etc.) — budget planning; — creating product concept in coordination with colleagues; — briefing designers; — searching for product/
contractor; — document flow.

Support Program for Math and Science Teachers Conference (250 people, 4 days) — managing special guests transfers; — on-field assistance during conference. Public Lectures (http://www.dynastyfdn.com/english/ news/145) — managing venue for lectures; — on-field coordination: equipment logistics, staff, camera crew
etc. Summer physical school in Protvino (2012) — managed accommodation, banque, school venue in cooperation with local state institutes, logistics and equipment

наст. вр. Sales managerLinia advertisement agency

Ad sales in local business guidebook

наст. вр. Nintendo Wii promoterNintendo rus

Demonstrating and consultation about the product

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