3D Artist

Удаленная работа
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Сен, 2016 – Июн, 2016 Computer Sciences - National University Kiev Mohyla Academy
наст. вр. Modeling Standard - Digital Graphics Academy "ArtClub"

Autodesk Certification of Standard Maya course completion

наст. вр. Modeling Professional - Digital Graphics Academy "ArtClub"

Autodesk Certification of Professional Maya course completion

наст. вр. Sculpting - Digital Graphics Academy "ArtClub"

ArtClub Certification of ZBrush course completion

наст. вр. Texturing - Digital Graphics Academy "ArtClub"

ArtClub Certification of Texturing course completion

Опыт работы

Сен, 2016 – Июн, 2016 CG Artist - Snap Inc.

Low poly character modeling
UV layout
Sculpting (optimization)
Texturing and baking
Remote work with an international team

наст. вр. 3D Artist - Art House Labs

Low poly modeling, UV layout and hand-paint texturing.
Remote work with the team of developers.
Correction of Models and Textures.
Recreated environment scenes
Modeled external environment and internal decorations
Disney stylized textures

наст. вр. CG Artist - UNIC Studio

Low poly and high poly modeling of aircrafts
Texturing and map baking
Development of model from sketch
Lighting and rendering
Cooperation with PM and other freelance artists

наст. вр. Freelance 3D Artist - CG Trader

Worked on multiple projects for international clients freelance
High poly sculpting and low poly modeling with creation of the efficient UV layout.
Texture maps baking; Realistic texturing with the use of PBR; Stylized texturing with Hand-paint technique.
Worked in conditions of limited poly count and texture resolutions; Operated with and without references, concept arts and technical schemes.
Set up lighting and rendering.
Cooperated with international clients.

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